Scented Summer

The smell of scented chamomile is drifting through my house, creeping under doors and wafting through silence.  The children are in bed, we are about our evening tasks and each breath brings in a little of the magical scent.

I feel unseen as I drift myself, moving quietly but with purpose.  No voices seems like silence, though I am sure there are noises I do not notice.  The sweet smell of drying chamomile, picked this afternoon in my garden, is a gift.  It reminds me to be at peace, to let go of tension and stress, to relax.  I breathe in again, I drop my shoulders and try to listen to what the chamomile has to say.

Wishing everyone a restful night and chamomile scented dreams.

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Solstice Continued

Although you wouldn’t know it with the cloudy skys and sultry air surrounding me today it is still the Solstice.  The shift in daylight hours lasts for three days so for those three days we celebrate the sun at his peak. I’ve seen midsummer referred to a few times as the beginning of summer but, to my mind, this isn’t quite correct.

From Beltane onwards we plant, prepare and sow in the hope of creating abundance in the coming months.  The sun right now is at his peak in this world, giving life to the dreams we sow along with our seeds.  But his time in this world ends at the solstice and he now crosses to the dreamworld, taking our wishes with him.  His presence in the world is still strong, but the work or defining our next phase has already begun.

Through the summer we will tend our crops and by Lammas also known as Lughnasa (in August) we should be seeing the fruit our our labours.  By Mabon (in September) the harvest will begin in earnest and we will give thanks for, hopefully, abundant crops and the joyful work of filling our larders with the fruits of garden and farm.

But what will we reap?  Now is the time for effort not only in the external world but also in the internal one.  We are right to live in the moment as the sun god Bel beckons us to do, rejoice in the sun and warm breezes.  Take time to absorb the sheer beauty of green leaf against blue sky, the feel of water and earth between our toes, the kiss of warmth on our skin.  By living in the moment we are connecting ourselves with the energy of the earth, allowing her rhythms to dictate our own pulse.

It is also a time to cast an eye inwards and consider what is ahead, what dream do we want to realise within ourselves?  It is hard to step back from all the fun and take time to contemplate, but it is rewarding to do so.  Sometimes abundance, of opportunity and variety, can be a little exhausting.  Like the dreamer god we must take time to shape ourselves from the inside out and remain unafraid of the shadow that inevitably is cast when the light is at it’s strongest.

So like the great sun god we should shine in this world, allow ourselves to be carried along by the energy and life force of the summer season.  Grow food, run in the grass, swim in the water; take all the wonderful things that nature offers us and be glad.

Also take time embrace reflection, quiet moments of stillness and peace.  Explore the twilight which is so blissfully long at this time of year, holding us in suspension and giving us the chance to dream ourselves into existence.

I’ve enjoyed reading about the solstice celebrations of so many families and am looking forward to seeing what surprises this summer might bring us!

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Welcome and Happy Litha to all


I’ve decided to start this blog, Magicmama, to celebrate a slightly different view on life.  I have my family blog, but I also want to explore the ways in which it is possible to connect with the more out of sight aspects of life and consciousness, this can be termed as magic.

I see magic as the world that walks alongside us, within reach but just out of sight.  Children have no barriers in seeing this world so it is important that we listen to them and learn from their openness and willingness to see beyond what is obvious.  Their play reflects this, a box becomes a home, a washing basket a crib for a baby.  But I think that this sense of possibility runs deeper and can be channelled towards a greater understanding of the many realities that exist around us.

One of my first journeys into a world of magic was through herbs.  I came to understand that so much of what we need is all around us, that we just need to learn what to look for.  I also believe in the intuition of healing, that we can often decipher what is wrong with our own bodies or those of our loved ones through a meditation like process, trusting our instincts and inner voice.

These are the kinds of ideas I want to write about here as I open my heart up to my own journey, my own quest for a little magic.   I hope you will join me and contribute your own thoughts and experiences along the way.

Bright Blessings to all on these Midsummer nights.  More from me tomorrow!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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