Welcome and Happy Litha to all


I’ve decided to start this blog, Magicmama, to celebrate a slightly different view on life.  I have my family blog, but I also want to explore the ways in which it is possible to connect with the more out of sight aspects of life and consciousness, this can be termed as magic.

I see magic as the world that walks alongside us, within reach but just out of sight.  Children have no barriers in seeing this world so it is important that we listen to them and learn from their openness and willingness to see beyond what is obvious.  Their play reflects this, a box becomes a home, a washing basket a crib for a baby.  But I think that this sense of possibility runs deeper and can be channelled towards a greater understanding of the many realities that exist around us.

One of my first journeys into a world of magic was through herbs.  I came to understand that so much of what we need is all around us, that we just need to learn what to look for.  I also believe in the intuition of healing, that we can often decipher what is wrong with our own bodies or those of our loved ones through a meditation like process, trusting our instincts and inner voice.

These are the kinds of ideas I want to write about here as I open my heart up to my own journey, my own quest for a little magic.   I hope you will join me and contribute your own thoughts and experiences along the way.

Bright Blessings to all on these Midsummer nights.  More from me tomorrow!


About emmalina73

Mum of 2 fabulous boys interested in sewing, baking, thrifting, vintage and other slightly Amish pursuits.
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