Scented Summer

The smell of scented chamomile is drifting through my house, creeping under doors and wafting through silence.  The children are in bed, we are about our evening tasks and each breath brings in a little of the magical scent.

I feel unseen as I drift myself, moving quietly but with purpose.  No voices seems like silence, though I am sure there are noises I do not notice.  The sweet smell of drying chamomile, picked this afternoon in my garden, is a gift.  It reminds me to be at peace, to let go of tension and stress, to relax.  I breathe in again, I drop my shoulders and try to listen to what the chamomile has to say.

Wishing everyone a restful night and chamomile scented dreams.


About emmalina73

Mum of 2 fabulous boys interested in sewing, baking, thrifting, vintage and other slightly Amish pursuits.
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3 Responses to Scented Summer

  1. Imene says:

    I love your post. I too enjoy that moment when my house is quiet and tidy ready for the next day. I feel like the queen of the castle and I look forward to that little moment when I can enjoy a book, some crafts or just be!!
    So glad I found your blog!

    • emmalina73 says:

      Lovely to meet you Imene! Thank you for your warm words, it is lovely to know another mama shares this special regard for the quiet moments of twilight.

  2. Andréann says:

    thanks for reminding me I need to harvest some of my chamomille!

    my house is actually clean as well! I watched the boyfriend sweep the floor and put away the toys while I was playing “feed the baby” with my toddler 🙂 yay for summer break!

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