I am Emma,  a pagan mama to two fabulous boys and partner to one amazing man.  I have been on this path for about a decade now, which means I consider myself to be something of a beginner!  I am in love with natural healing, whole foods and my family.

I’ve noticed that while many in the blog world express views I deeply agree with there are few who openly state themselves to be pagan.  While I feel that all religious views are valid and strive to respect them, I am happy to have the opportunity to share my spiritual path and hopefully provide others with information if they are seeking it.

In this space I hope to discuss views on the wheel of the year, celebrating the pagan family, develop my own sense of my spiritual path and connect with others who are interested in similar things.  I will also be discussing herbalism, healing, magic and anything else that comes up!  I expect to be posting mostly around the Sabbaths, but we shall see…

Please leave a comment if you wish, I will always reply and am happy to hear from you.


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